magnolia-tile-marbleMagnolia Collection is a luxury line of floor and wall coverings in Marble, Travertine, Glass, Porcelain and Ceramics and waterjet mosaics.

This High end line was created in 2011 by Otto Mosaic Highline to pursue our love of Tile and go beyond the standard tile that you could find anywhere.

Magnolia Collection was created through our close collaboration with Quarries, Factories, Artisans and Designers across the world and in the United States to create 19 gorgeous lines of Natural Stone Tiles and Mosaics, Porcelain and Glass Tiles and Waterjet designs.

We are in search of the new thing in tile and work hard to create and share our vision of modern esthetics.

Where you see tiles we see the opportunity to make it better,  more beautiful, more efficient and Easy to install. We hope you enjoy  our tiles as much as we enjoyed creating them.